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Garden Sofa Sets

Garden Furniture House offer a wide range of stylish and luxurious garden sofa sets, guaranteed to transform your garden into the ultimate outdoor entertaining & relaxation space.

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Garden Sofa Sets

Our Garden Sofa Sets are not only unbeatable in quality but also unbeatable in price. Indulge yourself with one of our stunning, striking and stylish sofa sets and we can guarantee your garden will be transformed into the peaceful and relaxing haven you've always dreamt of. Available in a range of materials, colours, sizes and finishes.

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Choose from an ice bucket sofa set or a warming fire pit sofa set. Alternatively our multi functional sofa sets allow you to change configuration dpepending on how you want to use them.

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Choose from a corner sofa set, classic sofa set, lounge set or half moon sets.

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Who doesn’t enjoy sinking into a comfortable sofa after a busy day tending to your garden? With exquisite designs and an abundance of materials and styles to choose from, you can make your garden sofa just as comfortable as your living room. Sofa sets give you added comfort. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors, entertain guests and relax under the sparkling stars.

Garden Furniture House
Whether you are looking for contemporary rattan or fabric sofa options or you are seeking a modern twist on metal and rope sofa sets, Garden Furniture House will have exactly what you need.
Browse through our garden sofa selection and choose the option that is right for you. Seeking something snug, long-lasting and which compliments your household? Then have a sneak peek at our range of materials and design options.

Rattan Sofa Set
Rattan sofa sets continue to rise in popularity. Lightweight but with attention to detail, rattan fits in with all garden types.

Signature Weave Garden Furniture Juliet Brown Nature Half Moon Sofa Set

This stunning haldmoon sofa design comes with a coffee table and two additional side tables.  A perfect set-up for an evening of lounging and relaxation.

With simple assembly and weatherproof materials, this weave range is a stunning choice. Comes with complimentary coloured cushions to finish the look.

Metal Sofa Set
Metal sofa sets remain among the most popular material for garden sofas. Their durability means replacing and repairs are kept at a minimum. While manufacturers continue to produce beautiful and comfortable designs, we will continue to supply them to our loyal customers.

Nova Garden Furniture Alessandria Grey Frame Aluminium 3 Seat Sofa Set
This elegant piece from Alessandria is a prime example of the popular grey and chrome finish found in our collection. With scatter and padded fabric cushions, you will find tranquillity here. With this more minimalist style, we are seeing a rise in monochrome, white a grey coming into focus more and more.

Wow, your visitors with an array of fabric styles and colours this coming season. Garden Furniture House, fabric range includes Lanelle grey, charcoal, taupe, or beige set in an array of styles. All items are waterproof and weather resistant.

Maze Lounge Outdoor Fabric Ambition Flanelle 3 Seat Sofa Set
This 4 to 5-person set will make a statement in any garden plan. The long-lasting aluminium frames with grey cushion design, work for all modern patios and gardens. Stylish with a touch of class and comfort, enjoy long days in the sun in your fabric garden sofa.

If you truly want to show off your designer know-how, then a rope sofa set is where you should direct your attention this year.

Maze Lounge Outdoor Fabric Marina Rope Weave Sandstone 3 Seat Sofa Set with Coffee Table

This weaved 5-person sofa lounger exudes taste and comfort. Using a rubber core finish, rope designs continue to make their mark on gardens throughout the UK. The centrepiece coffee table will draw eyes immediately.
The range from Maze Living comes with a variety of styles and colours for you to choose from.

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