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Fire Pits

Add a touch of warmth and glow to your garden with one of our gorgeous fire pit products. At Garden Furniture House we stock a beautiful selection of integrated & standalone fire pit products.

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Fire Pits

Fire pit sets are essentially the same as the fireplace and sofas in a home; they are a safer place to light a fire to enjoy the glow and warmth from the fire. A fire pit table and chairs set can be made from different materials; different sizes; with different components depending on your requirements. The fire pit table set can also be fuelled by different mediums such as gas or wood. 

Fire Pit Features


Gas fuelled fire pit sets are almost certainly the most accessible option for most people. The gas firepit works by using propane gas tanks or natural gas. As the fire pit sets has a constant application of fuel, they are much easier to light than wood. The MazeWinchester 6 Seat Round Fire Pit Table is an ideal option for a gas fire pit table and chairs set.  

Wind Shield 

To protect the fire, and to prevent some injuries, some fire pit table sets come with a wind guard. This stops the fire wither and going out, or adding too much concentrated oxygen to the fire and making it less controllable. The Nova Cambridge Grey Rattan Dining Set  has a fire guard so you can use the rest of the table with peace of mind. 

Grill cover 

Another safety measure a fire pit table and chairs set may adopt, is the mesh like cover. It still allows you to see the fire, allow the fire to get oxygen, and keep people safe from harm. The Maze Rattan Winchester Royal Corner Dining Sofa Set with Fire Pit is a striking design with safety in mind! 


Do you host family and friends regularly? Or do you like being in the garden but the nights can be too cold? A fire pit table set is a great way to have natural light and warmth for everyone to gather round. Autumn and winter may be cold, especially in the evenings, but a fire pit table set can make the outdoors a comfortable experience all year round! 


The most unique aspect of a fire pit table and chairs set, is they can work in any garden. There are smaller options; larger options; different colours; shapes and sizes. The winter in the UK is cold and dark, a fire table patio set offers a warm and cosy setting for those cold nights. Fire is both beautiful and mystical and creates an intimate setting for everyone involved.