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Transform your garden into the ultimate relaxation space with our fabulous range of daybeds. From opulent to functional, we've a style to suit all tastes and budgets.

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We have a great selection of Daybeds, in a variety of styles and shapes including open, covered and extending multi-functional daybeds,
available in brown, grey or natural weaves. We are here to make sure you find the perfect daybed to suit every type of garden.

Daybeds are a great item to have in your garden for a number of reasons. They will provide a natural and comfortable space to relax in the shade and enjoy a morning cup of coffee, read a book or simply relax while you watch the sun go down. This cool, airy space in your garden can be your oasis of tranquillity and relaxation during hot summer days or after a long day’s work.

Garden daybed materials

What is a peach daybed?

The day bed is an area you can sleep on but is also a sofa to sit on. The main feature of a daybed is that they have three sides around them and an opening. The rattan day bed is a piece of outdoor furniture that is perfect for sunny days, some come with a retractable canopy to keep you cool in the shade; others are open or have a fixed canopy. Daybeds are perfect for use either indoors and outdoors due to the option for using them as a bed or a sofa, but a day bed is used outdoors for relaxation.

What is a garden day bed used for?

Summer weather! When the British weather is finally warm and sunny, you need to take advantage of it. Having the ability to enjoy the Sun in comfort is important. The sun is not only the Earth’s predominant source of heat, it also raises a person's mood and nothing is more comfortable than lounging on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Our peach daybed offers protection from the sun at uncompromising comfort. A peach daybed and other outdoor furniture are an elegant solution to observing the many mysteries of the night sky.

What materials are garden daybed made from?

PE Rattan: The majority of the most popular garden furniture are made from rattan styled materials. PE rattan is a recycled plastic alternative to real rattan and is much more resilient to the elements. The material is still woven together to create a strong and sound piece of furniture.

Aluminium: Aluminium is an alloy that is lighter than iron, strong enough to withstand a large amount of weight, and is designed to be anti-rust. British weather is very diverse and any grey daybed will need to be resistant to the elements. Aluminium reacts with the air and develops a tiny level of aluminium oxide over its surface, which acts as a barrier. Aluminium is also a versatile material and can be shaped to virtually any size, so if you need a small grey daybed for your smaller spaces, aluminium could be the answer. Weather-proof cushions When the weather changes and the seasons move to autumn and winter, the cushions on most outdoor furniture needs to be stored away until the next time the sun is out. You will see people rush to bring in any non-weather-proof cushions from their garden furniture.

Our rattan day beds have weather-proof cushions so they do not need to be stored away until they are needed.

Garden Furniture House is the exclusive supplier of the Rattan Peach Daybed.