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Transform your garden into the ultimate relaxation space with our fabulous range of daybeds. From opulent to functional, we've a style to suit all tastes and budgets.

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Day Beds

Whether you have limited space or enjoy an open garden design, one of the best ways to maximise comfort and space during summer days and nights is with a day bed of your dreams. Garden Furniture House have the style, design, and colour for every garden type. You simply have to choose the one for you.
Day beds are an area of relaxation and comfort for your family. Bask in beautiful sunshine, enjoy a light breeze while reading a book or take a well-earned nap in the comfort of your dream garden bed.

Our Day Bed Range
The day bed options from Garden Furniture House include rattan, metal, and fabric material designs.We stock and supply these pieces because of their longevity and how each material can provide unique benefit, no matter your garden size and style.
You can choose from an open-top design to an enclosed day bed, depending on what makes you more comfortable and relaxed.

Rattan Day beds

Maze Rattan Garden Furniture Grey Peach Daybed
This beautiful weave design includes not only style and comfort but an amazing backdrop for two, to enjoy. The aluminium frame means a long-lasting place for relaxation, while the drinks tablkes mean you can stay refreshed throughout the day. Includes weatherproof curtain for added protection.
The extra-large design will fit perfectly into most standard garden sizes and acts as beautiful beacon of comfort.

Metal Day Beds

Maze Rattan Garden Furniture Portofino Daybed
Strength and comfort can be found in this maze rattan piece. Combining a natural rattan finish with an ergonomic design for easy configuration, this piece is lightweight, easily adjustable and designed with ease of use in mind. This maintenance-free set will provide cover from the sun and an area to catch all the rays you want throughout the day.
Garden Furniture House only supply the best-built quality and designed garden furniture material.

Fabric Day beds
For maximum snugness, the fabric range of day beds provides you with all you need. Sturdiness and strength through an aluminium frame finish and multiple colour options make a fabric option one of your best options.

Maze Lounge Outdoor Fabric Ark Lead Chine Daybed

As the name suggests the lounge set is ideal for one or two people to rest on during long summer evenings. Perfect for a glass of wine or an interesting read in the evening, this piece is the perfect addition to any bespoke garden.
Including soft cushions, quick-dry fabric and simple assembly options, the fabric ark is an easy choice.

Bringing Home Comforts Outside
Durable and weather resistant materials mean even UK homes can enjoy the comforts of summer without worrying about our garden furniture.
With warranties on each item sold and finance options available there has never been a better time to bring home comforts to your garden.

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