After Care

How to Care for Outdoor Furniture

Congratulations, you are the happy owner of an amazing garden furniture set that brings you joy and many relaxing moments with people you love. One thing to consider now you is how you can care for it so you can enjoy it for years to come. Because although dirt may seem like a minor inconvenience, it can, over time do significant damage to the structure of your outdoor pieces. Read on to find out how to clean for your outdoor furniture, keeping it looking beautiful for many years.

How to care for outdoor wood furniture

Wood furniture comes in lots of texture and gorgeous finishes, and you do need to be extra-careful as it is more exposed to developing mould over the cold months. Allow for the furniture to dry off if damp or wet and then start with dusting your furniture with a dry brush and a damp cloth. During the peak-use times make sure you do this at least once a week. You can then apply a wood gentle cleanser or an oil-based soap for a deep clean.

Occasionally, if you want to breathe new life into your wood furniture, you can lightly sand it and stain the piece. This is a good opportunity to update your colour scheme to either a lighter or a darker wood.

How to care for your rattan garden furniture

To clean your Rattan Garden furniture, a pressure washer or jet wash on a wide spray can be used at approximately 1 meter from the product. Do not aim this directly at the joints of the furniture and we do recommend checking out the manufacturer instruction.

Alternatively, it can simply be wiped down by hand. You can use one of our Cleaning Kits to make sure all the bits and pieces are well taken care of. Cushions should be stored away when not in use to prolong the life of the product, and in case you have got a cover for your garden set, make sure to use it when garden furniture is not in use. If your upholstery needs removal of stains or dirt, we recommend that these be hand washed with soapy water or machine washed in case they can be detached.

Always start off with checking the cloth tags for any instructions specific to the brand or fabric type.

Caring for your Metal Furniture

One of the most serious risks for outdoor furniture is that of rust/oxidation for the metal parts exposed to weather damage. If possible, make sure you have a waterproof cover which should be enough to balance the harmful effect of any regular seasonal rain or dampness.

Removing any rust stains should be done as early as possible, and depending on the severity of the situation, this can be as easy as simply brushing the patchy orange spots and applying a metal cleaning material. After brushing off the stains, wipe down with a cloth, brush remaining debris and apply the metal cleaning solution to prevent oxidation from working on the affected areas.


Please note that our 5-year guarantee only covers furniture for structural damage, rust, and fade in the UK. The guarantee applies to all furniture sold by Garden Furniture House, however, it does not include the glass supplied with sets or the rattan weave.

The specification of furniture is made to withstand the weather conditions in the UK, therefore may not be suitable for foreign climates. Extreme temperatures (+30°C / -5°C) may cause the rattan to contract and expand, consequently leading to damage, cracking, melting, or splitting.

Should you then wish to move furniture outside of the UK, please be aware that Oak Furniture House is not liable for any consequent damage, because of foreign weather conditions.

Garden Furniture House reserves the right to not apply the 5 Year Guarantee in cases where Garden Furniture House deems inappropriate misuse or in instances where the product/s have been tampered with by a third party. The guarantee will also not apply in instances deemed to be fair wear and tear.