The Great Versatility of Rattan Garden Furniture

Image of Maze Rattan Garden dining set | Garden Furniture House

A brief history of rattan

You have probably come across rattan garden furniture; it is one of the most widely used materials for its strength and durability. It is believed some form of rattan has been used for furniture and basket making since early human history. Rattan is not one type of plant, but 13 different genera with 600 different species.

Rattan furniture now employs a man-made material thanks to modern breakthroughs and the invention of polymers. Although PE rattan is still constructed of weaved strands, the foundation substance is a synthetic resin. Rain may seriously harm things left outside in the UK, which is usually damp in some way or another. PE rattan is more sturdy and weather resistant, which means it will last longer.

Let’s look at the variety of furniture available

Have you ever wanted a new piece of furniture that you can add to your existing design choices? As rattan is used in so many different types of furniture, you can add new furniture without ruining the style of your garden. Let us look at some furniture types available.

Half Moon Rattan Set

Also known as a U-shape or crescent, the half-moon sofa is designed to curve round a dining or coffee table so that everyone has equal access to it. The curve also keeps everyone on a similar focal point, which makes it easier for conversing.

Maze Rattan Garden Furniture Grey Half Moon Sofa Set | Garden Furniture House

Featuring: The Maze Rattan Garden Furniture Grey Half Moon Sofa Set

Sun Lounger

Are you the type to enjoy a good book while soaking up the sun? A sun lounger set with a side table could be the most important item of furniture you possess! The reclined position allows for easy reading and comfort all in one.

Day Bed

Even if the sun is scorching, you still want to be outside. Daybeds can include a cover that provides much-needed shade while remaining open to allow the air to pass through. Even without a cover, you will find these pieces of furniture extremely comfortable, so you could definitely be excused if you took a little power nap while while you are relaxing on day bed.

Maze Rattan Garden Furniture Half Moon Sofa Set Grey | Garden Furniture House

Featuring: The Maze Rattan Garden Furniture Brown Chelsea Lifestyle Daybed


Why not extend the rattan style further than just the furniture, you can use rattan even if it is being used for holding plants. Planters are a sublime way of adding to your garden, without detracting from the furniture you already have.

Rattan Sofa Sets - the Perfect Combination of Comfort and Style

Thinking about garden furniture conjures two images in most people’s minds: the cheap white or green chairs, or the rattan sofa with cushions. Rattan sofa sets remain one of the most popular garden furniture solutions on the market as it usually comes with everything you need. Some have additional seating; some have side tables; all have comfort.

Nova Garden Furniture Cambridge Brown Rattan Left Hand Corner Dining Set with Rising Table

Featuring: The Nova Garden Furniture Cambridge Brown Rattan Left Hand Corner Dining Set with Rising Table

Table Feature: rising and extendable

Outdoor Dining Sets come in variety of forms and sizes to suit a variety of demands. If your table has the rising table feature, you won't have to worry about having a light tea or a complete dinner with your family out in the garden, you can easily switch your table height to accommodate any one of them.

For those of you looking to entertain in style, there's the option of having and extending table, which allows you even to double the number of guests that can fit around the table.