How To Find The Right Garden Furniture

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When you’re making the decision on what furniture to buy, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first thing you need to consider is what purpose will the furniture you buy serve? Will it be for function, for style or a combination of the two? The second thing you need to consider is the kind of design you prefer.

I have to admit that I tend to go for form over comfort when I shop for garden furniture. I like to have things that look good in my garden, but I’ll sacrifice comfort if it means I get the furniture I want. 

The great thing about furniture nowadays is you don’t really need to compromise on either looks or comfort. With the vast number of materials, designs and furniture sets on the market; you can get what you want at the price you want. Join me on my journey to finding the perfect garden furniture for me, to see how it can help you.

Let’s look at the different types of materials available

Metal Garden Furniture

Metal garden furniture has been popular for its industrial-like resilience and modern chic look. Garden furniture in the UK needs to be up for some brutal weather changes and as long as the metal is appropriately treated, it will last for a very long time. Aluminium for one, is both strong and light, and creates a protective aluminium oxide layer. Increasing the longevity of your garden furniture.

Metal is also a great choice if you want to add that modern touch to your garden. One combination you should consider is metal and different coloured plants, a mix which creates a beautiful natural contrast that will enhance your garden space.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan garden furniture has been the cornerstone of British furniture for many years. They are now made from a PE plastic that is cheaper and stronger, but they were originally made from one of 600 different species of climbing palms. The grey colour allows rattan furniture to work in all garden settings and offer both style and comfort. If you want to make the most of any rattan furniture, I would always opt for the cushions that are water resistant so you don’t find yourself making a mad dash to get them inside when it rains.

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Wood Garden Furniture

Carpentry is one of the oldest professions in civilisation, with evidence dating back to 5000BC. For most of human history, we have relied on wood since it is abundant and literally grows on trees! Wood is the most environmentally friendly building material, and depending on the purpose, you may choose from a variety of various types of wood. Oak is one of my favourite types of wood since it is robust, durable, and easy to care for. It will still require after-care on a regular basis to keep it from deteriorating. Wooden garden furniture is a popular choice for all these reasons.

Wooden garden furniture is a great way to add a little character to your backyard space. You can find sets of various sizes and styles, or standalone items like  tables, benches, chairs and even swings made from wood. Because natural materials are used in the construction of these products, you can rest assured that they can fit in with most  styles or themes. All you have to do is find a piece that suits your space, your budget and your style.

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Garden Dining

Alfresco dining opens up your eating experience to the beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies. Eating outside with a dining set is like adding an extra dining room to your home without the planning permission! It’s easy to find space for guests, and you can enjoy a full sit down meal as well as snacks, brunch or BBQ.

Sofa sets

Lounge in style with the friends and family you love so much. Some living areas may not be able to seat everyone, so open up your garden as the extension to your living room. They can come as a corner sofa unit, a bench seat, or additional arm chairs. No matter what you choose, you can get a layout that suits you.

Bar sets

Looking for a more authentic experience for relaxing with a few beers after work? Have you built an outdoor bar area and looking for the right furniture? Bar sets are a more intimately sized seating area that are suitable for standing or sitting on the bar height chairs.


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These garden furniture options, along with extras like day beds, loungers and firepits - can create an extra outdoor living space in your garden. With a luxury day bed and ice bucket you can even create a resort style feeling in your own garden.