Everything you need to know about Garden Sofa Sets

Family outside on Fabric Garden Sofa set

Need a new garden sofa set?

Your garden is very much an extension of your home. How you utilise this space can speak volumes about you. Just because the garden is outside and subject to the elements, doesn’t mean you can’t keep all the comforts you get from indoor furniture.

There is a large range of styles, features and materials to choose from; let’s look a little closer at the different considerations. Hopefully, there will be the perfect garden sofa set that offers everything you are looking for with no compromise! Let’s delve a little deeper and find the perfect sofa set for you.

Which material suits you best?


Growing up in the UK, the most common type of garden sofa sets I saw where made from rattan. The iconic weaving style has been used for thousands of years and was used for its incredibly reliable strength. Although, modern rattan garden sofa sets use a PE plastic material as it is cheaper and more resilient to the elements.

The cool range of available colours (brown, grey, or white) allows rattan garden sofa sets to work with different styles and colours, so it never looks out of place.


Have you ever seen some older park benches? They were made from cast iron as they were very hardy and extremely heavy, in effect making it more difficult to steal.

Modern metal garden sofa sets are predominantly made using aluminium, and to a lesser extent, steel. Aluminium develops a natural resistance to the elements by oxidising the exposed layer. Making aluminium a much easier material to maintain.


If you are anything like me, then you love a big plush sofa to melt into. There really is nothing like being engulfed in comfort after a long day. This doesn’t have to be done exclusively indoors, you can move the experience into the garden as well!

The fabric used to create our fabric sofa sets is specifically designed to be left outdoors all year round so you don’t have to worry about the fabric being destroyed by the British weather.

What styles and features do we want?

Ice Bucket Garden Sofa Sets

Outside, the chatter is flowing, and the drinks are going down smoothly. You're in the middle of a chat when you realise you need a new drink. You can store a lot of drinks, including the occasional bottle of wine, in the built-in ice bucket so you don't have to leave the party.

Garden setting of Maze Rattan Garden Oxford 8 Seater Ice Bucket Table Set

Fire Pit Sofa Sets

When the nights are shorter, but you still want some form of heat as the sun goes down. The fire pit is both beautiful and warm. Nothing quite matches the glow of a natural fire. A fire pit sofa set is attractive and quickly becomes the focal point, providing warmth and relaxation.

Two people talking over a Fire Pit Garden Dining Set

Featuring: Maze Lounge Outdoor Fabric Regal Flanelle 8 Seat Rectangular Fire Pit Bar Set

Corner Sofa Sets

One of the most popular designs regarding outdoor furniture, the corner sofa set has options for more seating, coffee table, and some even have firepits! The corner sofa has become very popular with modern interior design, and this trend has made its way to the outdoors. Due to the popularity of corner sofas, they come in many different materials.

Half Moon Sofa Sets

Open up your dining experience with a spacious and comfortable experience. The half-moon and U-shape sofa sets combine style and usability to create the perfect experience. In my opinion, I very much like the fact you can get more people around the dining or coffee table. Half moon styles also look attractive stand out from other types of garden furniture.

Women talking on a Maze Rattan Garden Furniture Grey Half Moon Sofa Set on a sunny day

Featuring: Maze Rattan Garden Furniture Grey Half Moon Sofa Set