Benefits of Choosing A Fire Pit For Your Garden

Cozy family in the Garden around Rattan Firepit Dining RTable

Fire, it’s fantastic!

There is nothing like a roaring fire; there is somewhat a fascination with it; some can even watch it for hours. This could be down to lack of experience with fire growing up, or it could be the appreciation of how fire is both beautiful and destructive. Fire has seen the human race develop from our humble beginnings, to taking people to space. We owe a lot to combustion and fire for how we live our lives today, but uncontrolled flames can be dangerous. The fire pit is a way to safely enjoy a fire in our own gardens.

Let’s look at why people have fire pits

Not just for summer

Let’s start with probably the most important point in favour of a fire pit, you can use it all year round to extend your evenings! The summer evenings are always great to get the fire on and watch the fire dance, but even in the latter part of autumn can be a warm and joyous place to sit in your garden. Fire Pits are a natural heat source for all your family and friends to sit around and gaze into the flames.

If you use a wood burning fire pit then you can watch as the wood burns away, and the sparks flash out. The cracking sound of the wood expanding is just as soothing as the fire itself. In some smaller gardens and urban areas, you may not be permitted to burn wood as it is classed as air pollution, but don’t worry there are alternatives.

Natural gas and propane are two popular gas fuelled options that don’t produce air pollution. Natural gas fire pits are usually fitted up to the mains supply so you need to be happy with the positioning, as it maybe its permanent home.

Choosing the best configuration for you has never been easier, with a wide range of integrated and stand-alone fire pits to choose from.

Outdoor setting of Bespoke Cloud Rectangular Casual Fire Pit Dining Set

Featuring: Bespoke Cloud Rectangular Casual Fire Pit Dining Set

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Featuring: Nova Albany Square Light Grey Gas Firepit Coffee Table with Wind Guard

It’s like a low-cost extension for your home

You want additional space for socialising and resting, and you might even want to build an entirely new addition to your home. You'll need planning permission and to be a homeowner if you want to extend your home. Moving certain activities to the garden is an inexpensive and effective method to gain space. You could turn your backyard into an outdoor dining area, freeing s space in your kitchen or maybe a whole room! In the winter months, a fire pit will keep you warm, and what could be better than dining al fresco next to a raging fire?

Mental health benefits

Every year thousands of people pack up and go camping as a way to unwind. It is believed that getting back to nature helps people take stock of life and reassess what is important. What is a fire pit if not a more enjoyable and comfortable way to get back to nature? Some people have claimed that the rhythm of the fire helps them relax and quieten their mind.

You don’t even need anyone else around to light the fire, it can be a great solo activity to really help your mind rest. Although you don’t need to reach a stage of deep meditation, some believe that watching a fire burn has helped them achieve this.